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Lucy Saunders - ACCA - Client Manager

Lucy Roberts ACCA

Client Manager

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Phone: 07967 597517

Lucy joined DWA in 2009 after graduating with a degree in Business Economics.

DWA has funded her ACCA qualification and provided her with the necessary study support. She qualified and became a member of the ACCA in the Summer of 2013.

Her role entails managing a varied range of personal and corporate clients ensuring their statutory requirements are met whilst also taking care of their various taxation affairs. Lucy strives to provide the best solutions whilst also adding value to all clients that she manages.

When asked 10 random questions Lucy said:

Favourite Book/Film/TV Programme: Book – Harry Potter
Film - Notting Hill
TV - The Apprentice
Favourite food: Cottage Pie
Favourite childhood memory: Being picked up from school early by my dad to meet my new baby sister in hospital.
Beans on toast, or Egg on toast: Beans on toast
Night in, or Night out: Night in
What animal are you most like and why: Bambi on ice!
Wrap up in Winter, or Shed it for Summer: Shed it for summer
Ideal date (who/what/where): Lee Evans
3 things you couldn’t live without:
  1. My family and my boyfriend
  2. Music
  3. Sunday Roasts
If you weren’t an accountant* what would you like to be: A teacher.

*or other job role